2019 Legislation to Watch

HB19-1014, Retail Food Establishments Inspections and Suspensions

Rep. Jonathan Singer (D, Boulder) Rep. Shannon Bird (D, Westminster) Sen. Joann Ginal (D, Ft. Collins)

This bill comes as a result of work and cooperation by industry stakeholders and local public health officials. HB-1014 changes how civil penalties are assessed for health code violations. It also changes the criteria regarding what constitutes a critical violation to create an imminent health hazard and the visits associated.

Status: Passed through the House and is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Business Affairs and Labor Committee.

HB19-1058, Income Tax Benefits for Family Leave

Rep. Lois Landgraf (R, Colorado Springs) Rep. Susan Beckman (R, Littleton) Sen. Kevin Priola (R, Brighton)

The bill is the Republicans’ solution to the ongoing paid family leave discussion. It establishes a leave savings account to be used in the event of the birth of a child, caring for an ill family member or a serious health condition. An individual may contribute up to $5,000 annually with their employer matching the contribution. The bill also enables employees and employers an income tax deduction for the amounts contributed.

Status: The bill was postponed indefinitely in the House Finance Committee.

HB19-1076, Clean Indoor Air Act Add E-Cigarettes

Rep. Dafna Michaelson Jenet (D, Commerce City) Rep. Colin Larson (R, Littleton) Sen. Kevin Priola (R, Brighton) Sen. Kerry Donovan (D, Vail)

HB-1076 is fairly straight forward in that it adds e-cigarettes to the Clean Indoor Air Act.

Status: The bill is scheduled to be heard in the House Health and Insurance Committee this week.

SB19-028, Allow On and Off Premise Beer Licenses in Rural Areas

Sen. Chris Holbert (R, Highlands Ranch) Sen. Jeff Bridges (D, Centennial) Rep. Hugh McKean (R, Loveland) Rep. Julie McCluskie (D, Dillon)

SB-028 comes as a result of SB18-243 that eliminated the 3.2 on/off premise license. January 1, 2019 marked the first day that all establishments selling 3.2% beer, convert their inventory to full strength beer. With the “conversion” date looming, SB18-243 preemptively eliminated this license. SB-028 reestablishes this license for counties with a population fewer than 30,000.

Status: The bill passed the House Business Affairs and Labor Committee and is scheduled to be heard by the Committee of the Whole on Second Reading.

SB19-034, Local Government Recycling Standards for Food Containers

Sen. Dominick Moreno (D, Commerce City) Rep. Jeni Arndt (D, Ft. Collins)

This bill gives local governments the authority to prohibit retail food establishments from using non-recyclable food containers such as polystyrene. CAVE has been working with industry groups such as The Tavern League and the Colorado Restaurant Association to coordinate with the proponent conservation groups on a mutually agreed upon solution to a problem that the on-premise industry is already solving organically.

Status: Due to ongoing negotiations with stakeholders, the bill has yet to be scheduled in committee.