Membership Benefits

Welcome to The Tavern League! Here are the Top 9 reasons to become a member:

  1. Up-to-date legislative information for all bills, rules, and decisions that affect your business.
  2. Be part of a larger group, so concerns regarding the industry have a stronger voice.
  3. Stay informed of any changes happening at Liquor Enforcement Division and have committee input to those changes that affect your business.
  4. Connect with other bar owners and discuss industry related topics such as staff turnover, marketing, wage increases, etc.
  5. FREE Responsible Vendor Training for your staff.
  6. Consistent communication regarding our industry-trends in the marketplace, wholesaler and distributor mergers, headlines and legal trends that will impact your business.
  7. Access to training and education for staff, management, and ownership that can help you broaden your customer base, offer better customer service, and ultimately help your bottom line.
  8. Access to vendors that have been vetted by the association and others in the industry.
  9. Insurance Program Endorsed: Illinois Casualty Company provides Business, Liquor Liability, and Workers Compensation Insurance. The Program is managed by Colorado West Insurance and provides savings as much as 10% for Members. Learn more and find an agent near you.

“Joining the Tavern League of Colorado was a no-brainer for one reason. Making all of your staff become Responsible Vendor Certified (TIPS equivalent) lowers your insurance rates and saves you money. It costs $40 for a TIPS Certification per person. The Tavern League of Colorado gives you an annual flat rate for your current employees and any new hires for one quarter of the cost with unlimited certifications.”

– Jason Tietjen, Owner, Dive Inn Denver


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